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Theme for June 2015 issue:
“Everyday Epiphanies”

Yes, Spillway wants poems for: “Everyday Epiphanies.” We want small moments of enlightenment or surprise, happy or sad. We like the unusual, strange, and—for this issue—the extraordinary-ordinary

To submit:
Submissions for this issue are open in February and March only.

Please send your work to:

In the subject line, list your last name, your first name, and whether the submission is poetry or an interview, a review, or an article.

In the body of the email, please provide a short cover letter including your contact information and a brief bio. Your submission should be in a single document. Don’t send separate emails for each poem. Please only make one submission per reading period.

Attach 3-5 poems as a SINGLE DOCUMENT in Word or Adobe pdf format (.doc or .pdf). Title the attachment with YOUR LAST NAME FIRST.

Submissions are online only.

Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but please notify us immediately if your work has been accepted elsewhere.

Spillway acquires only the first serial publication rights of accepted work.

Copyright is asserted on behalf of the author; all reprint rights revert to the author upon publication, but we ask that you mention Spillway as first publication appearance.

To submit interviews, articles, and reviews:
send work to:
Lynne Thompson, Essay & Book Review Editor:

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Publisher: Mifanwy Kaiser

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